What is Chlamydia and its symptoms?

Abnormal vaginal fluids:

A smelly, yellow-green color can be an indication of an infection like chlamydia, but it could be a sign of other infections as well. (It could also be normal.) So again, getting tested is crucial.

Burning and inflammation in lower abdomen while urinating:

If yeast is causing your pain or discomfort, you may experience a burning sensation or actual pain when urinating. You may also feel like you need to go often and that it’s urgent. All of these are classic yeast infection symptoms and may also be a cause of chlamydia.

Bleeding, pain and abnormal fluids coming from rectam:

If you have chlamydia in the rectum, it can lead to pain, discharge, and bleeding. It’s important to get it checked out right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Lower abdominal pain:

If chlamydia has gone undetected and untreated for a while, you may experience lower abdominal pain.

Pain while intercourse or bleeding after sex:

Chlamydia can cause cervicitis, or inflammation of the cervix, making it extra-sensitive during sexual intercourse. With Chlamydia, it can take up to 4 weeks for you to notice any symptoms, so it’s important to get tested or treated right away. If you test or treat in the first 3 days after sex, then the chances of treating and killing the Chlamydia is much higher than if you wait longer.



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