SXWUniverse Launched!

avijeet khaitan
1 min readNov 22, 2021


We proudly present you SXWUniverse. SXWUniverse is a metaverse created exclusively for sexual wellness and awareness. We at SXW are a sex-tech startup with a mission to promote positive conversations around sexuality and sexual health while democratizing access to sexual wellness products and services.

People rarely open up about their sexual health due to the stigma and taboo attached to the topic, and at SXW we want to change that by providing a complete set of offerings for all sexual wellness needs and social media campaigns.

From Telemedicine to Creating awareness we are using blockchain to create a metaverse ecosystem dedicated to Sexual Wellness and Awareness. Have a look at our Metaverse.

SXWUniverse platform consists of:

  1. ( Telemedicine and E-commerce Platform)
  2. (Free Crypto coins for Sexual wellness content creators)
  3. (Swap your favorite crypto with SXWcoin)
  4. (NFT Marketplace for Sexual Wellness Content Creators)
  5. ( Sex-Ed Tech Platform for SXW)

The SXWuniverse is the one-stop solution where Blockchain meets sexual wellness.



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